Confusing email - domain names.

We find it complicated when we see confusing email addresses and domain names. Choose email addresses and domain names that suit you, but mainly use recognizable email addresses and domain names that improve your findability on the internet. Try to use names that are as clear as possible so that you don't confuse the searcher. In the worst case, some names are so awkward, complicated or an abbreviation that your important e-mail doesn't get any further and disappears in the spam box at the receiver. A lost opportunity.

"We received this email from email address randysomeone465@xxxx (gmail, hotmail or such kind of email host) and instantly got suspicious. You know why? Because so many emails we get are spam or either worse malicious and fishing emails. Worst case scenario is that one of us klick on a link in the mail that "steels" information from our computers. Now normally we delete that email straight away but I also learned to read the messages, but don't klick on anything!"


Funny thing is that we see so many Artists use the same type of email and domain names, many used these for years and never bothered to change it. I wouldn't had a clue who Randy was if I didn't look him up on google and found his Artist website randy*****.com This Artist was really interesting to us because he filled a gap in a music area that needs still some new names. And Andy is good!

This way many Artist are overlooked when they send out an email to new people. Spam filters and people selve remove mails if it is not clear by the name in the email address who is sending them this message, people don't even bother to read the message but hit the remove button. What a missed opportunity.


I really don't get this. How come that you have a website in your full (band) name and you don't use the option of creating an email address (for each band member) at this internet domain? I am sure that most hosting providers offer this.


One of the things I learned so far is that Artists think that you only can access this email account when you are at your own computer and not when your on the road. And you should be on the road a lot. Well, if your hosting provider doesn't offer webmail to access anywhere in the world you are with the wrong hosting provider and should move immediately. You're missing important people who try to reach you and the ones who you try to get in touch with. It's look a call back request with a really important message from a secret phone number not leaving a phone number at your answering machine, and we've all been there...


The hosting provider we use offers all of these possibilities, unlimited email adresses, weblog en een full cms system to maximise the possibilities and output of your website. Your website in combination with email is your first and best way to communicate with your audience and your clients. 


My first advise is, have a email address at your own domain. This is how people know you and know how to find you. Is there something easier then find me on our own domain? your name at



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